Kota Asal Pengiriman : Kota Dumai

Rp250.000,00 Rp150.000,00


-Earn money by using this script via Allow publishers to earn money from files and keep a share of the profit.
-Script has admin panel where you can manage all users, files and ads. And modify settings like header background, style and theme, Social Media links

Admin Panel Demo

URL : https://ayelscripts.com/demo/Upload-Zero/admin
Admin : admin
Password : admin

User Panel Demo

URL : https://ayelscripts.com/demo/Upload-Zero/
Username: demo_demo
Password : password


URL : https://www.ayelscripts.xyz/docs/Upload-Zero/

Installation :

URL : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1r0l4LiE_1s


  • Admin Panel Dashboard
  • Manage users
  • Manage files
  • Manage rates
  • Referrals System
  • Captcha System
  • Pay Per Download System
  • Premium Users
  • Announcements System
  • Customize the site
  • Easy to install


  • PHP 5.6+;
  • MySQL version 4.0+ Database
  • 1+ GB Free Space
  • Apache Server with mod_rewrite enabled
  • SSL certificate installed